Zombify for iOS

   October 29, 2015

ZombifyApptly, Inc. has created a new app for the dead at heart called “Zombify – Be a Zombie”. Have you ever wondered what you would look like as a zombie? Well, with the new Zombify app you can do just that! The app is a photo booth where you can modify selfies, or pictures of your friends, and turn them into zombies.

Zombify lets you choose different facial characteristics and apply them to your picture. You make yourself – or your friends – look as gruesome or as silly as you want. The app has a myriad of hideous eye and mouth pairings to choose from. You can also add objects and weapons to be impaled into your face such as crowbars or bolts! If that wasn’t enough, Zombify also lets you add crawling insects and other creatures to your horrid zombie face!

Another cool feature of this app is that it gives you the ability to “bite” or “infect” your friends. How this feature works is you upload your perfect zombie facial picture or video to the social media outlet of your choice. Don’t worry about which website to use, because nearly all social media web-sites are supported: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and many more! Once your picture or video is uploaded, you can then see how many “bites” and “infections” your zombie-self has caused. As you rack up on these bites and infections you earn points to unlock extra features in the app, such as special effects and extra weapons.

When you’re done infecting the world with your zombie creation you can make a 3-D animation! The animation feature lets you perform acts of malicious violence upon your zombie. You can shoot your zombie, electrocute it, or even feed your zombie to a school of giant, vicious piranhas! Once you put your zombie through these nasty events, you have the option to upload a video of the horrid act to your favorite social media.

Zombify is a wonderful app to enjoy, not just during the Halloween season, but year ’round! It will be sure to put a smile on your face, or maybe even a horrified grimace! Download it today from the App Store for Apple, or Google Play Store for Android. It will be a ghastly good time!