Yummly Recipes and Grocery Shopping List for iOS

   August 4, 2015

Yummly for iOSLong are the days where cookbooks become a household kitchen staple. Through the advancement of technology recipe books have become so foreign; almost as foreign as snail mail and the yellow pages. Now we have access to all these things at the convenience of our phone, tablet or desktop. We even have the ability to share with almost anyone across the world! Yummly Recipes & Shopping is a new app that gives the user access to a library full of delicious recipes. It is the cookbook of the future!

The app allows the user to choose their favorite cuisines with a variety of choices like American food, Chinese food, Mexican and more! Yummly even takes into consideration any special food allergies before presenting the user with any recipes. Further, there is even a section that asks the user if they are following a certain diet. This app really puts the user first! The app does a great job at reaching out to the picky eaters in the audience. It allows the user to insert any ingredients that are disliked. Yummly has a broad audience of beginner, intermediate and advanced chefs. The app is all about the user and brings a professional culinary experience into the kitchen.

Yummly Recipes & Shopping is not only about delicious meals. The app allows users to create a shopping list for the week. Many locations across the US guarantee that your list will be delivered within the next hour. Thus, the user has access to a plethora of recipes and it’s very own personal shopper all at the convenience of a phone or tablet. Recipes include everything from breakfast meals to snacks, to dinner and dessert.

The convenience of the app makes being in the kitchen much more fun. The app does an excellent job at listing the ingredients and giving very precise directions for a recipe. This leaves little room for error and ensures great success in the kitchen. For the visual learners out there, Yummly also includes pictures for each recipe. The user will also find baking tools that will make the cook’s life much easier.

Yummly is much more than a personal cookbook and it can fit anywhere. It’s a shopping list, a culinary teacher and the reason more people should be in the kitchen! Yummly Recipes & Shopping is a must for every device and for the kitchen.