Visual Storytelling with The Steller App

   August 5, 2016
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Visual Storytelling with The Steller App

There are many programs and platforms online that are designed to help users to create their own unique art through technological means. There are also various means to share and discuss artwork online. A new app has been developed to bridge the gap and allow its users to do both things at once.

Steller is described by its creators as a visual storytelling app. It was designed by Karen Poole and Brian Mcaniff, a team of siblings. The Steller app is designed specifically to work on mobile devices and is available for download on iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPod Touch. This is so it is easy to use and compatible with modern touch screen interfaces.

The Steller allows users to craft their own unique visual stories by making it easy to combine text with videos or photographs. The mobile aspect of this app is so important because it allows users to branch out and collect everything that they need in order to craft an interesting story. They have the capability to search online for interesting images or videos and then archive them in their phone’s memory to be used later. They can also use the phone to save albums of their own creations or to follow other Steller users whose work they appreciate. It also provides a channel with which to share their work with others through social media platforms. The Steller app can now be purchased from the app store for free and downloaded onto a phone with ease.

The Steller program is named after an abbreviation of the word storyteller, to help describe the app’s function. With this new device installed on their phones amateurs and professionals alike can designing, create, and share magazine style constructions that combine the written word with visuals to create a unique piece by either complementing or contrasting the two components against each other.

Steller is sure to see a lot of popularity in the future, as well as a lot of use in the home or studio. It is very exciting to consider what new types of art will arise as this innovative platform offers a channel for the creative ventures of its users. Thankfully, because it is built into a mobile device, there is a natural bent towards sharing and connectivity. This allows all of us to follow along, observe, and enjoy the developments that are sure to come.

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