Thumb Drift from the iTunes App Store

   March 8, 2016
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Thumb DriftDrifting with your actual car is often an activity that is recommended against. Drifting with your thumbs however, now that is an activity you could get used to. Thumb Drift is the app that brings the experience of drifting through challenging passageways and weaving through obstacles to the power of your thumbs. This simplistic racing experience is a true adrenaline rush as you compete for the gold on many unique levels. Prepare your thumbs as we dive deeper into the aspects of this application.


The game itself is a rather simple design that features 3 unique drifting venues where you can test your skills. Level up through completing certain challenges within the game to unlock faster or more obscure motor vehicles. Your range of options is almost endless as you can select your favorite sports car or enhance the experience with a high-powered tank. Each vehicle offers its own benefits package as to why it is fit for your use. As you advance levels you unlock newer models that increase the control of your drifting abilities. Each course offers an endless gameplay fashion that increases in difficulty the farther you make it. This endless feature can have you playing for hours as you try to navigate through increasingly difficult objects and maneuvers. You play with your fingers and having the correct touch and timing are keys to your game play success and advancement.

Competitive Advantage

This app is available worldwide so you can compete against time for accolades or challenge you friends to a drift off. Competing against other players allows you to master your skill and strive to reach certain goals and bonus features of the game. Bring your best drifting and you could find yourself atop the worldwide leaderboard.

iTunes Application

This app is made available for consumers via the iTunes App store. The download is free and there are in-app purchases, but the game can be played out fully with all unlock features without spending a dime. This app works great for those using a smaller apple device, such as an iPod or iPhone, but is also compatible with iPads and larger devices. With the larger devices you may need to use more than your thumbs to keep your competitive edge and a smaller surface is recommended for precision with this app. Download time is quick and efficient leaving you ready to play in now time at all. The graphics aren’t as advanced, but the premise is the technique and precision involved with the game, not the picturesque sights and sounds.


Download this application today and become an expert drifter through practice and new challenges. Complete challenges and take your talents to a worldwide audience or an audience comprised of friends and family. Only one question remains: Does your thumb have what it takes?