The Room Pocket

   May 3, 2015

The Room PocketIf you are searching for a very intriguing puzzle game then you will love the app The Room Pocket. This game is available for Android and iPhone mobile devices and offers a fascinating mystery puzzle that happens within an eerily realistic, virtual 3D world.

The premise of the game The Room Pocket is the following: You are placed into a room from which you desperately need to escape. Somewhere in the room, there is a puzzle which will unlock the room and make it possible to escape…but only if you can solve it! It is almost as if you are in a virtual horror film – suspenseful music mixed with a gripping mystery have players sitting on the edge of their seat as they eagerly try to figure out how to solve the puzzle and free themselves.

The game was produced by the British-based Fireproof Games app developer and was most recently updated in 2014 to fix bug problems that occurred when playing the app on the Samsung Galaxy. Fireproof Games was formed from a group of six genius web developers that had worked at Criteon Games. They all worked together on a major series called Burnout and eventually decided to leave the company to begin their own– and thus, Fireproof Games were developed. They set out to make not just a well-rated app but the best puzzle app that the iOS system had ever seen. They ended up with a fantastic game that even they couldn’t put down which they titled The Room Pocket. The developer describes this game as the best app they’ve ever developed because of its complicated puzzles and spine-tingling graphics. The game has even been described by another top game developer as “eye candy for the mind”. Everyone is in agreement that once you begin playing The Room Pocket, you won’t be able to stop until you’ve figured out how to get out. It is absolutely spell-bounding to each and every player.

The game begins with a man explaining to you what is happening. Although he doesn’t explicitly tell you so, it appears that you are in his home and his deceased spirit is speaking to you via letters. He explains to you that he hopes that you can forgive him but the only way out of the room will be to help him with the puzzles. He seems apologetic but oh no! You’re stuck in this creepy mansion with someone you can only presume is no longer alive! Your only choice is to quickly get to work and solve this mystery. Worst of all is that as you proceed farther and farther along in the game, it becomes more and more apparent that the author is going mad.

The game has received exceptional critical claims including being named Apple Editors Choice and the Apple iPad Game of the Year 2012. It has sold well over 1.4 million copies to date and almost immediately after its release was rated as one of the top games for mobile devices.

This game is entangling, difficult to put down, all-around fun. The Room Pocket recieves a five out of five stars rating (five, of course, being the best) because of how much great fun it is. It isn’t too difficult to understand and yet it can be played for quite some time because some of the puzzles can be increasingly complicated. More so than just a game, it takes players to another reality in which mystery, murder and wits are all that there are to save you. If you’re looking for an awesome puzzle game to challenge your mind, you’ll want to download this game today. It will truly puzzle you.