Tap Paradise Cove Game App for iOS Versions 6.0 and Up

   June 8, 2015

Paradise CoveTap Paradise Cove is a crafting and real time strategy game created by Pocket Gems for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices running on iOS versions 6.0 and up.

The game is about a couple who arrives at an uninhabited island in a fictional Paradise Cove region, where they will find a treasure filled with gold coins. This actually serves as the free credits you can use in helping the couple build their new home, and in growing an island community. The couple will earn Paradise Cove coins when in the process of building and expanding. The coins will come in useful in exploring new islands, as the couple needs to take a ride in a merchant ship, as well as buy equipment they can use in protecting the island from marauding bay pirates.

Another important task for you to do in order to advance in the building and crafting game, is to gather woods as resources. You will use those wood materials to build houses, and create related equipment for new settlers. The couple whom we can presume as named Jack and Maria will then collect construction fees, as well as hourly rents at specific coin rates as the island’s Landlord. When all the initial building and community expanding tasks are done, you will be able to add more merchants and new settlers in order for your community to prosper.

The first in the list of new settlers is the merchant, since his trading ship will allow you to explore other areas in Paradise Island Cove. Once the Merchant’s ship is built, you will be able to obtain a map so you can explore other places and unlock new quests. Initially, the information furnished by the map is limited, because you have to carry out and complete other tasks and quests, as means to unlock other game features found in higher game levels. You will even have decorative items to add to your houses to give each building a distinctive appeal.

Complete the tasks by gathering as many wood materials required, or you can use rubies to fast track completion of tasks. An alternative to wood gathering, building, and crafting is to buy real property from the owner of the island on which you intend to expand. As more settlers are expected to arrive, you will be offered to buy another plot of land in adjacent islands.

However, since you are in a paradise island setting that will eventually attain prosperity, your island, and its inhabitants will become the targets of bay pirates. Denoting therefore that your future tasks and missions entail building and crafting installations for security and protection.  This is the rationale for the game’s sub-caption: Treasure Islands and Pirate Ships

Yet all those wood gathering and construction jobs will sap the energy out of your Paradise Cove couple. Tapping on the energy meter will restore their strength, for which you have to pay with “rubies.”

Tap Paradise Cove App Features

This Tap Paradise Cove game app has a lot of positive features, starting with the clear-cut instructions that enable app users to complete tasks with ease. The community-building concept, the land exploration, and resource -gathering expeditions, as well as the imminent possibilities of going into battle to defend one’s territory are all very interesting developments.

You might get impatient though, with all the building time it takes, and the resource gathering processes involved. Buying the precious “rubies” with real money as in-app purchases, could speed up progress and get you well ahead into the game. Remember, you have downloaded a free-app, which works as a sneak-peek of what the game has to offer. Actually, it is a more economical approach to buying the features of a game app that truly interests you. Besides, Tap Paradise Cove iOS game app, offers different ways of getting free rubies via the daily game bonuses.