Sushi Chain Lite iPhone App Review

   September 19, 2010


The setting takes place in Tokyo where the main character is sick of the corporate rat race and decides to call in sick for a few days just to get a well deserved and well needed break.  As the main character is walking around Ueno Park, he stumbles upon an Ad looking for a Sushi disciple that would like to be trained and he would like to be offered to run a sushi restaurant if he passed the strick suchi making training.  Without hesitation the main character applies to become the sushi disciple which ends up changing his life forever.

The goal of the game is to see how far you can take the sushi chain.  Will you make it an amazing place, or will you have to apologize to your boss and get your old job back?  The game completely depends on your skill and it makes for a really fun thing to do when you have some free and spare time.  If you love games that push you and give you the opportunity to grow and learn new skills, you will enjoy Sushi chain lite as you work hard in a virtual world to make your sushi joint the most sought after sushi joint in the area.


  • The game has amazing looking graphics and really is a lot of fun to watch.  If you love cute cartoon characters and fun sushi rolls that you can make out of all kinds of flavor and what not, you will really enjoy the style and feel of this game.
  • There are stunning graphics and an interactive game play mode
  • three addictive game stages
  • delicious and cute sushi
  • original sound track to get you into the game and understand the feel that the creators wanted you to experience when playing.

If you love games that stretch your skills and that motivate you to do better each time you play, the sushi chain lite is a great game to try.  you really have nothing to lose as the game is free to download and offers you some aamazing benefits of fun and addictive game play that will keep you coming back.  The game is compatible with the iphone,  ipod touch, and the ipad.


This game is free and has been given a 3 out of 5 star rating by other iphone users who have downloaded this app and have played it and rated it.