Superfall iPhone app Review

   April 12, 2010


There is no other app like it.  The Superfall iphone app takes everything that’s good about throwing ragdolls down a treacherous hole and packs it into one game that you can take around with you on your mobile device.  The basic point of the game is to pick one of the thirty dolls that is available and throw yourself down as far as you can go.  There will be many different obstacles in your way to try and slow you progress and keep you from getting the high score.  You will have to master tilting your iPhone in order to progress through the three beautiful worlds that are included. Falling has never been so fun!


  • Your character selection is very wide because you have over thirty different ragdolls that you can play with in the game
  • You start out with some of the dolls but you can unlock and buy a bunch more as you collect cash
  • There are 43 different awards and achievements that you can unlock and you get farther into the game
  • As you complete all of the different awards you can actually get better dolls from it
  • There are three main stages to play in and each of them have some very impressive environments and graphics.  These stages also have unique challenges and obstacles to overcome
  • The game includes a wide range or two dimensional sounds that are created as your doll falls and hits the different obstacles that are in your way
  • There area also a variety of different power-ups that you can get as you progress into the game
  • There is a fun feature that allows you to slow down time and let you have more control over you falling techniques
  • There is Open Feint support which lets you see your achievements and you overall scores on the online leaderboards
  • Watch out for all of the obstacles that will be thrown your way.  There are grinders, pistons, rotating wheels, bumpers, and much more


There are a few different falling apps out there on the iPhone but this one takes the cake.  The game boasts some incredibly odd graphics and freaky looking ragdolls that are incredibly fun to throw down the levels.  This game also has a ton of variety when it comes to characters and awards that you can get.  You will have to play this game for hours in order to get everything out of it that you can.

Voted 4 stars by iPhone app users and currently only costs $1.99 to download onto your phone.