Sumo Fighter iphone App review

   January 27, 2011


Sumo fighting is one of those things that is just fun and comical to watch.  Two fat guys get in a ring and try to push each other out of it.  This can be quite entertaining and can really be interesting to see, but what if i told you that you could try it out yourself.  Well without really having to get in a sweaty ring and push a fat guy around, you can do it all from your phone with the Sumo Fighter app for the iphone.  This app is totally free and is made for the iphone, ipad, and the ipod touch.  This app begs the question if you can handle the world’s biggest fighters.  If you can, then you need to take them on in the biggest challenge known to sumo wrestling.  The  rules are very simple as you push your enemy out of the ring or give them a throw down and make them touch the ground with your strength.  You can have a full scale battle with over 20 of the largest fighters around the world with 4 divisions in different locations.  The tournament process is really ful as you can become the Yokozuna, which means the champion of the sumo fighters.


– 20 sumo characters to LOL while you wrestle with them
– 20 fun levels with dialogs that will crack you up
– Leaderboard to compare scores with friends
– Facebook & Twitter integration
– Simple controls, just tap left-right-left

The game really does look very good as the animations ans the characters will keep you smiling and laughing.  The game has fun animations and it can really get you into the game with all of the sumo wrestlers going at it with each other.  These animations and play controls are very easy to learn and in no time, you will be fighting for the championship with a grin on your face as you laugh out loud when these cute little sumo wrestlers go down for the count.

If you love games that have replay value, this one has it as you will try to improve your scores and even try to win the championship all over again.  This can be a very fun and exciting experience as you play the game and have a lot of fun doing it.


This app is FREE and has been given a 4 out of 5 star rating by other iphone users who have downloaded this app and played it.