Storehouse App Review

   March 24, 2016
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StorehouseStorehouse is an award winning photo and video app that earned the prestigious Apple Design Award and always fun TechCrunch Best Mobile App award. It didn’t get these awards by accident. It got them by being one of the best photo and video applications of its time through innovative and creative takes on this often worn out genre of application. The heart of the Storehouse app is the idea of the shareable story. Your pictures and videos have a story to tell and Storehouse allows you to share it in the most elegant, simple way possible.

Highlights and Features

– Collage, album, or story: There are plenty of ways to make use of your Camera Roll pictures. Storehouse lets you share them in a variety of formats. You can create an elegant collage that is worth a thousand words or you can tell an in-depth story with all of your pictures. The best part is that it’s just as fun to read the stories of others as it is to create your own.

– Platform integration: Any picture platform imaginable is represented on Storehouse. Select photos from Dropbox, Flickr, Instagram, or any number of other platforms and make them a part of your Storehouse story. All of these pictures can be integrated and sent to your friends.

– Privacy is respected: Photos can be too personal to share sometimes. Anything that is for your eyes only will be private until you choose to share it with someone.

– Send out links: Connecting with others is at the heart of the Storehouse app. Pictures are most meaningful when they are shared among your friends. You can add up to 50 photos per page on Storehouse and send them all out at the click of a button via Email, iMessage, or SMS. The power to share is all left in your hands.

It’s truly impossible to go into everything that makes the Storehouse application one of the most special of its kind. It’s photo-sharing magic like you’ve never experienced it before and it takes the old worn out picture sharing platform and somehow elevates it into something truly memorable and meaningful. Millions of people are enjoying this platform and the easy integration it offers with their online store of photos and videos. The power to share your memories is all up to you in this award winning masterpiece of photo and video sharing software.