StickWars iPhone App Review

   March 5, 2010


StickWars is a very simple strategy game.  You have a kingdom, a castle, an empire.  Even with all of this land, you have an impending threat – stick people.  That’s right.  They come in droves and they try to break down the walls of your fortress and infiltrate your kingdom.  Your job is to protect yourself and your people from these horrible creatures.  This is a test of speed, strategy, and your innovative ways to destroy stick people.  Use your fingers to tap, shake, flick, and smash the stick people that are attacking your castle.  The faster your fingers are, the better chance you have of defeating the stick army.  There are a variety of different levels to play on and difficulty levels to try out.  You must kill the stick figures and save your castle until time runs out or all is lost.

The great part about this game is the way it speaks to  your inner child.  Remember when you were a wee laddie or lassie and you created huge masterpieces of stick figures all getting blown up by bombs, shot by guns, or falling onto spikes?  The really good pictures all had one thing in common – that all the stick people would eventually die.  Now it has been transformed into a real strategy app for the iPhone an iPod touch and will provide hours of endless stick demolishing fun.


  • Play until you are beaten, there are unlimited rounds of satisfying stick-death
  • You can see high scores online, and see where you rank among them
  • The game saves after you defeat each round so you don’t have to keep starting at the easy levels
  • You can capture enemies and drag them into cages
  • Your kingdom has wizards that can employ meteors, spells, and more
  • Bombers are sent out with a shake of the phone and the bombs are set off with a second shake
  • You can pick different difficulty modes


All in all, this is a great app for the iPhone.  The idea is fun, simple, and exciting.  You will find yourself trying harder and harder to beat your last high score.  The only downside to this app is that it relies on the ferocity of your fingers which can give you cramps after playing too many games in a row.  Fun every once in a while, but not a game you can play for hours unless you want your fingers to fall off.

Voted 3 1/2 star by iPhone app users and costs $0.99.