Stick Stunt Biker iPhone App Review

   October 16, 2010


If you remember the days when excitebike took the world by storm, you will love this fun recreation of the genre called Stick Stunt Biker.  This app is super fun as it offers a very simple interface and character that you can interface with.  This new character is a stick figure, but if you crash too hard or don’t quite make the jump, he will explode, body parts and all due to the physics of the game.  The physics engine is quite impressive and if you have been looking for a game with great replay value, this is it!

This game is the #1 racing game in more than 20 countries including the US, UK, Australia, Austria, etc. This is also the top game overall in the US and the racing quality in the game is simplistic and fun so that anybody can learn to play it with ease.  If you love the game excitebike, you are in for a treat as you will be able to have tons of fun playing this game over and over again.


Stick graphics!
* Fun ragdoll physics with destructible ragdoll (biker will shatter into parts if you crash hard enough)
* Destructible motor bike
* Realistic bike physics
* Realistic bike shocks
* Agil and fast reacting bike using accelerometer technologie
* Race against your own ghost! (ghost will show the best/last ride)
* Multiple achievements to unlock!
* Online and Offline highscore
* Directly compare yourself against all other players or your friends
* Worldranking displayed after each race finished
* Many tracks
* Different difficulty from easy to bone breaking
* Jumps, Loopings, Walls, etc.

* Full throttle
* Jump Master
* Easy Ride
* Fast Lane
* Trick Or Treat
* Big Balls
* Bone Breaker
* Burning Wheels
* Ramp Mania
* Square Dance
* Head Off
* Apocalypse
* Widow Maker

If you want a great racer that can get the job done with ease and also give you the ability to just have a blast, then you need to get Stick Stunt Biker for the iphone.  The game will work with the iphone, ipod touch, and the ipad and will keep you coming back for more action all the time as it just has so much to offer!


This game costs $.99 cents and has been given a 4 out of 5 star rating by other iphone users who have played this app.