Star Wars The Force Unleashed iPhone app

   March 6, 2010


One of the greatest movie franchises of all time has made its way to the iPhone.  There are thousands of followers of this amazing fantasy world that involves action, intelligence, and passion.  George Lucas probably had no idea how epic this story would turn out, or the effect it would have on its audience.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed was released last year and is currently on sale for almost eighty percent off.   Originally released at a price of $9.99, this is a heck of a deal to get it for only a dollar.  This is one of the great adventure iPhone apps out today.  The biggest pro to this game is the ability to use the force.  Other Star Wars games have only had limited access to the force (the energy that controls all living things), and have focused more on light sabers and blasters.  This game brings a perfect combination of all of the elements of the Star Wars universe and packages it all into your iPhone.

The game starts out with you being an apprentice to Darth Vader.  As a Sith Lord in training you learn the dark side of the force and become incredible powerful.  You are trained to hunt and kill Jedi and you go out on your quest to rid the world of this old order.  Feel the power of the Force in your own hands as you work your way through the classic storyline contained in Star Wars the Force Unleashed.


  • Smooth gameplay and breathtaking 3D graphics
  • Incredible storyline that fills in the blanks of the original trilogy
  • Has the CellWeaver control system to help you manage the Force throughout the game
  • As you move through the game you can upgrade your force powers to become even more powerful
  • Great sound and background music, as well as visual effects


If you like sci-fi fantasy adventure games, then this should be on your top apps list.  On sale, this game is a total steal.  Who hasn’t imagined being a Jedi or a Sith and wanted to go chop everything up?  Or wanted to use the force to throw somebody into a wall?  Well now you can straight from your cell phone.  If you like action and good story lines, then this game is completely worth the price.  This game has a great balance of all of the Star Wars elements that made it popular in the first place.

Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $0.99.