December 3, 2015

SpellfallSpellfall is a unique combination of a puzzle game and a medieval adventure that pits you against magical monsters and warriors much larger than yourself. The game forces you to think your way through each level, and you must be prepared to spend some time fighting creatures that can fire at you even if you have not yet solved the next puzzle. This article explains how Spellfall is the best combination of the roleplaying you love and a puzzle game.

You Solve Puzzles In Every Fight

You can see the screenshots in the game description that show you fighting a monster, but there is a puzzle in the middle of the screen. You must match characters in the puzzle if you want to wage an attack against your opponent, and your opponent will get the upper hand on you when you are not able to match characters fast enough. The puzzles get more difficult as you work your way through the game, and you must be prepared to think on your feet as you play.

The Amazing Story

Spellfall is an amazing game that has a brilliant storyline you will be engrossed in almost instantly. You will find that that story is so complex that you might miss parts of the story if you are not paying attention, and you must ensure that you are watching every small breakdown in gameplay that you are offered. The cinematics in the game are going to help you get through the game, and you must watch closely so that you will know what is happening in the game.

The Graphics

Spellfall is one of the most beautiful games in the App Store, and you will enjoy seeing every new level come up when you make it past a major boss. The game is laid out just like a roleplaying game you would play on a video console, and you must ensure that you are watching for new graphics in the game as you play. Any small variation in the game is going to indicate that you have come upon an important part of the game, and you will notice that you may stay in the same area many levels at a time.

Replaying Levels With New Objectives

Spellfall is a complex game that has many objectives in every level. You may go back to complete the levels with new objectives, and you will earn more equipment or points. You must keep going back so that you have seen every part of the game, and you will find that the game is more interesting because you have experienced every part of the game.

Spellfall is a great game that you may play right now on your iPhone or your iPad, and you must ensure that you have tried to see every part of the game. Think on your feet so that you can solve puzzles when you are attacked, and get engrossed in a story that will take you through a mystical world.