SoundHound for Android

   November 19, 2015

SoundHoundSoundHound is the other major music discovery application aside from Shazam. These two apps dominate the music discovery market, but SoundHound allows you to do much more than search for a song that you liked on the radio. SoundHound will help you find a song you like, and you may go through a service that immediately allows you to purchase the song or listen further. This article shows how advanced SoundHound has become for musicians and music lovers alike.
SoundHound Finds Songs

SoundHound finds songs for you when you hear them in public. You can click on the SoundHound app when you hear a song you like, and you will get an instant result for the song. You can see who recorded the song, the album it came from and the full title. The app will take you to options for downloading or buying the song, and SoundHound will recommend other songs that are much like the one you searched. You get a large amount of information in a small window when you search for a new song.

SoundHound Plays Songs

SoundHound will play the songs you have downloaded after you find them. The app acts as a full-service music station that helps you find the right songs, play the right songs and store the right songs. SoundHound will create a folder on your phone to store all your songs, and you can play your library of music from the app without going to yet another app. SoundHound helps you save room on your phone, and SoundHound helps you find the music you really want to listen to.

SoundHound Records

SoundHound allows you to record songs when you have no Internet connection, and the app will check the song when you have a connection again. This is a much easier way to find the songs you want, and you can record your own voice in the app for future reference. You need something that is going to help you with all your musical needs in one place, and SoundHound is going to help you manage your music with just one app. Your phone will not be stocked with a thousand music apps when SoundHound allows you to manage your music with its powerful programming.

SoundHound is the singular music app that helps you manage your favorite pastime. Download SoundHound when you need help with finding, buying and listening to music.