Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock iPhone App Review

   March 7, 2010


Waking up in the morning can be the hardest part of the day.  Many people don’t get enough sleep and wake up on the “wrong side” of the bed.  This can ruin someone’s entire day, not to mention the people that have to interact with them throughout the day.  Well science (and the app industry) have provided us with an answer.  The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app uses the perfect combination of science and technology to create an alarm clock that wakes you up during your lightest sleep cycle so that you wake up rested and ready to go.

Wherever you are in your sleep cycle when you wake up will determine how tired you feel.  When you are in your lightest cycle of sleep, waking up is very easy and natural.  The way that this iPhone app works is that it has the sensitive accelerometer track your movements in your sleep.  You move more in different parts of your sleep, and the Sleep Cycle app is able to analyze that and determine where you are at.  When it finds you in your lightest sleep, it picks an optimal time about thirty minutes into it and gently wakes you up.

The ideal placement of the phone during your sleep is on the mattress itself, so it can record the vibrations.  The next morning the app will save and display the data on a detailed graph.  You can use these statistics to see when you are in your heaviest cycles of sleep.



  • Doesn’t work with Tempur Mattresses
  • As long as you are able to let it charge by your bed, this is a great app for you
  • The phone sense the amount of movement you make during the night
  • Over 100,000 current users, so lots of feedback and comments to help you get the most out of the app
  • Saves all of your sleep data and creates detailed graphs and statistics with the information
  • Uses the accelerometer to record sleep movements during the night
  • Sleep Cycle app wakes you up a half an hour into your lightest sleep phase so you wake up feeling rested and ready to go for the day


A purely genius idea.  This iPhone app was created using months of exhaustive research and scientific data.   It is the perfect alarm clock solution.  You honestly never have to wake up tired ever again.  If you can start off your day in a great mood you are probably much more likely to get a lot done and make the most of it.  Totally worth the dollar price to have start your day off great.

Voted 3 1/2 star by iPhone app users and currently costs $0.99