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   July 14, 2016
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REX is an app that is almost like Pinterest and Facebook or Twitter combined. This app allows the user to keep up with their friends or other people who share the same interests as they do. In addition to this, the user can find out where their friends are and what they think about the place they are at. The user can also create files or boards, similar to the ones that can be created on Pinterest, that they can save a post or an event to that they would like to check out later on. For example, if one of the user’s friends are at a new restaurant that just opened in town and they seem to really like it, the user can save that post or the name of the restaurant to an online board or file located in the REX app so that they can look at it later on. Thanks to this app, the user can quickly find the name of an event or a restaurant that they have been wanting to go to very quickly and easily.

In addition to just keeping up with one’s friends and their activities, one can also keep up with other people who share the same interests as them. For instance, the user might be into music festivals or concerts. Since they love attending them, they might consider following someone that they do not know that attends a lot of these type of events. By doing so, the user can save the names of different events to one of their files dedicated to upcoming music festivals or concerts that they may wish to attend.

REX was created by a man by the name of Chris Smith. He was looking for a way to figure out what his friends were up to while also finding a way to connect with them about their experience while doing that thing. Chris Smith also wanted to be able to find these things easily in a very organized category. Another thing that Chris was looking for ways to find other people who shared his same interest. Chris could not find anything of the sort, so he decided that he would create his own app that would allow him to do everything that he wanted. In the year 2014, he began working with a woman by the name of Ashley Lent Levinson to make this dream of his come to life. In no time, their app became a success.

Ever since the REX Recommendation app released, many people have been raving about it. In the iTunes App Store, people are leaving reviews saying that they have been hooked on this app ever since they first opened it. Others have said that they love being able to keep up with people and keep track of upcoming events that they have been wanting to attend. In addition to all of the reviews singing the REX app’s praises, users have rated this app to have four and a half stars.

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