Pride And Prejudice and Zombies iPhone App Review

   June 7, 2010


We have all seen the movie or at least heard of the story of pride and prejudice.  A girl who doesn’t fit into a rich society, ends up finding herself and finds the man of her dreams.  Of course it is a story of struggle and twist and turns, but ultimately the girl ends up with the guy that is her dream guy.  Well this app has nothing to do with the original story, but you play as the girl and you kick some serious zombie butt.

This game for the iphone called Pride and Prejudice and Zombies for the iphone, which is the new york times best seller, is one of the best games out there.  This app is available for the iphone or iPod touch, and you play through the classic story of Jane Austin’s Pride and Predjudice with an added dose of zombie in the 2d sidescrolling action game.  There are 12 levels of zombie killing in the classic story world.  This is just a very fun twist of a classic story to make some crazy fun out of the classic story world.


  • this game has amazing environments and gorgeous art
  • intuitive gesture based controls for executing awesome attacks to destroy some zombies with style
  • you can upgrade your battle prowess to survive the onslaught of the undead zombies that want to kill and eat you
  • 12 levels of the best selling novel, with an interesting twist of course
  • plus integration for awards and leaderboards
  • adapted for on the go gaming for anyone that just wants to pick up their phone and start playing
  • easy to pick up and play, but the challenge will have you coming back for more zombie killing
  • beautiful music and cool sound effects bring even more life and action to the game as you play it on your phone.

If you love the classic story of pride and prejudice, do yourself a favor and enjoy the twist that is put on this fun story with the zombie game for the iphone.  As the female hero, you seriously dish out some insane amounts of pain to the zombie hordes that are trying to mess up your story.  Go through 12 levels from the classic story and show the zombies who is boss.  This is a fun game that will keep you coming back for more.


This game costs $2.99 and has been given a 4 out of 5 star rating.