Preschool Monkey Lunchbox for iPhone

   September 22, 2012

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox is an educational app that consists of five mini games designed to teach preschoolers ranging in ages from 2 to 5 about letters and phonemic awareness, numbers and counting, color recognition, matching and patterns. They will also learn problem solving skills along the way.

The game was originally launched with a suite of five dynamic mini games, but two more were added in recent updates bringing the total to seven. In each of the seven mini games, the child helps the monkey pack his lunch in a different way. The mini games include:

  • Matching. Similar to the classic game of Memory, players must find matching pairs of fruit by touching cards.
  • Letters. Preschoolers learn letter sounds and letter recognition by only packing fruit that starts with a specific letter in the monkey’s lunchbox.
  • Puzzle. Drag and drop pieces of a broken fruit to put it back together for the monkey.
  • Spot the difference. Whether they are choosing the smallest piece of fruit or the one that is a different color than the rest, children sill learn size comparison concepts and pattern recognition.
  • Numbers.Count the fruit to place the correct number in the monkey’s lunchbox.
  • Shapes. Children will learn shape recognition by finding fruit in the shapes.
  • Colors. Pack only a certain color fruit in the monkey’s lunchbox.

The fun-loving, animated monkey provides positive feedback along the way, offering tips and cheering for the children. After successfully completing a few mini games, the player gets to choose an animated virtual sticker and place it on his or her page.

Here are some of the many features that make Monkey Preschool Lunchbox so great:

  • Easy to use. The game uses the appropriate interface for the target age group. No reading is required to navigate menus or know how to play the mini games. Verbal instructions are given at the beginning of each game.
  • Unlimited play. Each game flows seamlessly to the next. Children can play for as long as they like.
  • Short games. The perfect length to match a preschooler’s attention span. When screen time is up, parents can easily turn the game off without waiting for an extended period of time for the child to finish a game.
  • Positive reinforcement. The monkey encourages children along the way and congratulates them when they complete a task. He jumps and claps and makes learning fun.
  • Affordable. It is reasonably priced at $0.99.

Preschool Monkey Lunchbox has also received a number of awards and honors including 2011 Reader’s Choice Award from Ruckus Media Group as well as 2012 Parent’s Choice Silver Award.

This award winning,  top-rated iPhone app requires iOS 3.0 or higher to play. Versions are also available for both iPod Touch and iPad.

The fast-pace of the mini games easily keeps preschoolers attention. It also makes it easy for children to take turns and share the fun. Overall, we give it five out of five stars! A must-have for any parent of preschoolers.