Omvana – Meditation For Everyone App Review

   April 27, 2015

Meditation2Omvana – Meditation For Everyone

Omvana – Meditation For Everyone is a guided meditation app fit for newcomers and those with a seasoned practice. The app allows you to create a personalized library of guided meditation tracks and mix them with ambient music and tones that target energies within the subconscious to augment your meditation experience. Omvana can recommend tracks for you based on desired outcome (such as increased focus, greater energy, appetite control, self confidence, restfulness, etc.) or you can search their library for free and paid meditations. The app also integrates with Apple Health kit to trigger a gentle reminder to meditate when you are stressed and to cultivate a habit of mindfulness.

App Features

The user interface is clean and easy to use with an elegant, flat design. When you download Omvana, the app will ask whether you are familiar with meditating or not and build a starter library around your response. You have the option to start listening to your recommended meditations immediately or browse Omvana’s library to choose your own. Save meditations you think you will enjoy and delete those you don’t want directly from your library so you have an ongoing list of meditation topics to choose from. When you’re ready to begin your practice, you can string together one or more meditation tracks to create a customized listening experience.

Beginning your practice is easy and straightforward. You simply choose the meditation you’d like to listen to and a complementary background music or tone for your session, then press play. You can use sliders to adjust how loud the guided meditation is compared to your ambient sounds and music. This allows you to customize your meditation experience based on how much guidance you need to get into your practice.

Omvana also works with Apple Health to track your blood pressure and heart rate and evaluate your stress levels to prompt meditation reminders as needed throughout the day.
The straightforward interface allows you to fully customize your meditation experience without adding confusing features that distract from your ability to build and begin meditating.

Overall Impression

Omvana is a four star app that is perfect for beginners. It gives you all the tools you need to dive into and sustain a meditation practice. The app’s meditation catalogue allows you to easily find popular and effective guided tracks in a limitless array of focus areas to help you achieve your goals. In future releases, Omvana may add additional filtering options to their meditation catalogue to allow for more robust searches, but the current interface is effective and easy to navigate. If the app had additional reminder and alarm features, it would easily be a five star meditation app.