Old Sport Bartending App Review

   February 9, 2016

Old Sport AppBartending and drink mixology have become a major obsession in America over recent years. A mixed drink is incredibly popular, as they allow the consumer to enjoy a night out without having to take straight shots that do not taste good nor do they have any nutritional value. The only complexity with this process is the ingredients. Often, it is the lack of ingredients that leads to the creation of a mixed drink of lower quality. This is why a good bar is so hard to find. Only the finest bars have everything necessary at the touch of a button and still they can mess it up. When making your own drinks at home things can become even more daunting.

A good drink is crucial to a good party and in a culture obsessed with quality, knowing how to mix a decent martini is not enough. Unique blends of flavors and a multitude of options is absolutely vital to the creation of a good drink. Even more important is the number of drink that you can make. With all of these things to keep track of, it is harder still to know what ingredients go well with others and how exactly to make the very best out of what you have available to you. The Old Sport app is the answer to these problems. Named after a phrase commonly used in the prohibition era, Old Sport knows how to help you make the best drinks ever no matter what you have lying around in your cupboard. No bartending classes are needed when you have this app at your disposal. With it, you can host parties that will soon become the toast of the town!

Considering the number of complex problems the app has to solve, the way it does this is surprisingly simple. It comes with a list of ingredients (lemons, limes, fruits and flavoring of various colors and flavors) and next to each of them is a slide. By moving this slide right or left, you can indicate to the app that you either do or do not possess the item listed. If you do possess the item listed, the app will begin to generate a number of drinks that you can make. The more ingredients you have, the more different drinks you can make. In addition to this, the app will also allow you to mix and match ingredients, ensuring that there is no cocktail recipe put out of your reach. This puts within grasp a number of popular and lesser known drinks sure to spice up your selection no matter what party.

If you are close to having the complete recipe but do not have all of the ingredients, the app can help you make a grocery list as to the ingredients you need depending on the drink you desire and the ingredients you already have. This naturally ensures that no stone goes unturned and that if you have a big party coming up you can plan accordingly and have prepared all of the best and most delicious ingredients.