Monster Trucks Nitro iPhone App Review

   March 5, 2010


This is an iPhone app version of the popular Monster Trucks Nitro game for both Mac and PC.  The game was largely successful on these platforms so it makes sense that it finally makes its way to the mobile gaming industry.  This is one of the top apps for racing, and has gotten good ratings so far.

In the game you are in a race of time against fierce competitors, and even more intimidating courses.  Use nitro boosts, huge jumps, and high speeds to unlock different levels and also bigger and badder Monster Trucks.  This is one of those iPhone apps that does a good job of keeping you entertained while keeping just the right amount of difficulty.  It is not so easy that you are not challenged, but not so difficult that you end up just giving up.  Also, the app is updated to add new vehicles like the Stars and Stripes truck, among others.  The graphics in the game are pretty incredible, and it is all in 3D.  The levels are very interactive and you will find yourself going off huge jumps and smashing into walls around turns.

There is a certain amount of satisfaction that comes from controlling a machine with as much power as a Monster Truck.  You will get hours of entertainment out of this app and feel like you are in one big Monster Truck show where you are the Star!  You will find yourself in deserts, on top of buses, around gas cans, and tapping your nitro boost to get maximum speed!


  • There is a list of high scores for each track so you can gauge your performance
  • A new “Bubble Level” control for the rotation
  • There are extra rewards and automobiles to open up.  This includes the Formula Monster Truck and the Schoolbus Monster Truck, Stars and Stripes Monster Truck, RedLynx Monster Truck, and the Miniclip Monster Truck
  • Over 8 different tracks that allow you to get all kinds of achievements.  There are famous ones from previous versions like The Gap, The Nitromus Oximus, and the The Loop.
  • Different camera modes and camera controls so you can optimize your gameplay experience


A great remake of the classic Monster Truck game.  Offers some unique jumping and nitro boost features that aren’t included in other iPhone racing apps.  Easy to pick up, and hard to put down.  Not bad for only a buck.  Definitely worth giving a try.

Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and costs $0.99.