Metal Gear Solid Touch iPhone app Review

   April 2, 2010


Ready for a great shoot-em-up first-person shooter? Metal Gear Solid Touch brings the classic game to your fingertips. If you are a fan of many of the previous Metal Gear Solid games, you’ll enjoy this new dimension as the world of MGS is now portable on your iPhone / iPod touch. In fact MGS Touch is based upon Metal Gear Solid 4, guns of the patriots. You’ll command snake as he takes on terrorists from all across the world. As the game is not just a kill spree, you will be drawn in with a save-the-world-from-evil storyline.  At your disposal will be a large supply of different weapons which will require expertise in using the right weapon for the right enemy. MGS veterans and those new to the series will quickly be able to enjoy this game due to the intuitive controls and simple gameplay.


  • Jump right in to the unique world of Metal Gear Solid.
  • 20 stages that transverse the Middle East, Eastern Europe, South America, Shadow Moses, and Outer Haven.
  • Challenging opponents provide for variety of different battles and strategies
  • Classic enemies like the “Beauty & Beast Corps” and “Gekko” return to rake havoc on Snake, while a variety of new enemy characters will require quick intuition and strategy to finish off. No battle can be won just by simple tapping
  • Wide range of weaponry
  • From machine guns to missile launchers, MGS touch provides constant variability for each stage by mixing up your terrorist killers
  • Codenames based on game performance
  • Strive for excellence to improve your rank depending on clear time, remaining health, and accuracy. See if you can achieve the highest rank of “FOX” by beating the game!


Metal Gear Solid Touch provides hours of gameplay through variation in enemies and weaponry. Controls are easy to master but also complex enough to challenge the skillful gamer. Each stage requires different strategies that may require multiple tries to finally be successful. The difficulty level increases greatly to the point where even small errors can bring death upon your fearless hero. Become a skilled sniper and work on improving your steady hand, or send a barrage of rockets to destroy the enemy machine. The challenge will keep you coming back for more. If you are looking for a great first-person shooter, look no further than Metal Gear Solid Touch.

Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and can currently be downloaded for $5.99.