Medieval Lite iPhone App Review

   September 19, 2010


Did you know that Medieval Lite has been in the top 100 all time games in over 20 countries?  That is right, this game is great if you want the full medieval experience on the ipad or iphone.  There are tons of great features to this game that allow you to test your metal with brisk mobil’es latest castle defense epic.  Out shoot and out last your enemies to claim victory.  Defend your castle and your honor through fighting off the enemies. The controls of the game are quite innovative and allow you to choose from a variety of devastating weapons.  You can upgrade your fotress and recruit troops to protect your land.  Survive wave after wave of enemies, protect your flag, and keep your castle from being reduced to rubble.  Manage your gold and plan your strategy for dominance.

Stunning graphics and realistic sounds combine to give you the truly immersive medieval experience you have been looking for.  You can listen to the death cries of your opponents as you conquer their lands and protect your own.  This game is free with ads, but there is a full version that you can pay for to remove the advertisements from the app so you can play without ads in your way.


  • There are 4 game modes that keep the game exciting and fresh.  They are fast fire, easy, medium, and hard.  These difficulty levels will test your skills and see if you have what it takes to protect your castle from an enemy onslaught.
  • 3 different shooting modes, auto fire, show arc, drag fire and shooting mode can be set in the options section of the game with ease.
  • 6 different troop types including war machines like catapults and fast moving cavalry raiders
  • 8 unique weapons such as flaming arros and multi shots, each with multiple upgrades available for maximum devastation.

If you love good castle defense games, this is one for the record books.  Medieval lite will keep you playing for hours on end, and make it so that you won’t want to stop.  If you love games, especially castle defense ones.  This is a great game for you.  If you love defense games that take some skill and strategy, this is a great one to download and you have nothing to lose as it is free to download.


This game is free and has been given a 4 out of 5 star rating.