Journey – A Journal Worth Keeping

   April 3, 2016

Journey AppAs life gets busier and busier, you need a way to stay organized and stay on top of things. Your daily stress can be reduced with an app that helps you keep all your appointments and notes organized. The monthly calendars are easy to see and input daily notes in. Daily weather reports are easily accessible with the Journey app, so you always know what to wear or do to ensure your comfort throughout the day. Easily scroll through reminders and notes to delete, edit, or implement throughout the day. Merge your work and home responsibilities with one app and refer to it as many times as you need to.

Life is a journey you should document. Journey is your daily journal that lets you freely and securely document your day while acting as a digital scrapbook.

This app acts as a scrapbook you can access from anywhere and at any time Save pictures and caption them or write short descriptions for each picture, so you can enjoy them and revisit these moments. Proudly share pictures with friends, family, relatives, or coworkers. Use Journey¬†to capture and save all of life’s many moments from daily, humorous moments with the kids to special birthday celebrations while staying organized. Multiple image supports let you attach up to 4 photos to publish to your favorite social media or WordPress. Save and view photos or videos for family or work.

Never be overwhelmed with piles of photos or save pictures of the kids’ artwork and have them caption the pictures.

Download the Journey app on any Android device for its ease of use and navigation. You can even publish pictures, notes, or reminders to Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. This app is perfect for blogging. Use the calendars to input reminders for upcoming posts, publish content directly to WordPress, or save content for later review. The PDF export lets you convert PDF files to Word files. Never forget an idea, a person, or event that inspired you. Include recipes with step-by-step photos to ensure culinary success each time.

The possible ways that you can use the Journey app to simplify your home and work life are endless. Customer testimony and comments are invaluable to the company and an effective way to constantly thrive to make the app better.