Jelly Car 2 iPhone app Review

   April 12, 2010


The Jelly Car 2 iPhone app is the much anticipated sequel of the first Jelly Car game that came out last year.  This new version of the game comes with many more features and updated gameplay.   In Jelly Car 2 you will have over 30 new levels that you can play on as well as a variety of new power ups that you can use to get an edge.  There are even three new modes of play to keep the game fresh and interesting.  With all of this new variety, you will find that this game has a lot to offer the average gamer.

The main point of the Jelly Car game franchise is to drive a very flexible car through a squishy environment in order to reach the exit out of the level.  You will have to avoid obstacles and dead ends to be able to reach the end.  The controls are very easy to use and the graphics match the jelly theme of the game.  The app was developed by Walaber and has become a real hit on the mobile market.


  • This game offers a few new modes including the Custom Mode, The Jelly Factor, as well as the Long Jump
  • In the Custom Mode you can actually go through and design your own puzzles by using the in-game Level Editor
  • While you are in this Custom Level Editor you can actually create wheels, ramps, levers and many more things. There are a total of 40 different items you can use to create your own unique level
  • You also have the ability to customize and personalize your car in this mode
  • You can pick between a variety of different body styles for your car as well as your own color scheme to apply to the vehicle
  • When you start playing the Jelly Factory you will get to navigate the different falling parts into their appropriate chutes.  This is where all of the jelly magic happens and you will have to make sure that you match up all the right parts so nothing gets messed up.   You will need to tap the screen to be able to turn the levers and mix and match pathways for the different parts
  • The Long Jump Mode is where you are trying to get the farthest jump possible.   The faster you are moving the farther you will go.  You will have to avoid different obstacles that are meant to slow you down and try to hit the speed boosts to keep up your pace
  • In this mode there are few different powerups that you can enjoy including the balloon ability that lets you float out of sketchy situations and there is also the sticky wheels feature to let you drive up walls


Voted 4 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $0.99 to download.