iPark It! iPhone app Review

   April 12, 2010


There are a lot of bad drivers out there.  Every day we go outside and see some idiot that doesn’t know how to park and we wonder how they ever got their driver’s license.  Whenever this happens you always want to somehow prove you are better at parking than anyone else out on the road.  Now with the iPark It! iPhone app you can do just that.  You will nee dot use the on screen touch screen and a variety of other factors in order to make parking look easy.  You will have to judge speed, angle, and space in order to complete some of the really hard tasks that are presented to you.  The faster you park and the more accurately you do so, the higher your overall score will be.  Try to not hit other cars or curbs or your phone will vibrate and you might feel a little embarrassed.  This game has over 40 different levels that you can compete in and you will find that each one is progressively more challenging then the last.

The gameplay is solid and the graphics match the simplicity of the game.  For a simple time wasting app, this is a great way to spend your dollar.


  • There are over 40 different levels that you can compete in as you progress through the game
  • The driving controls for the app are actually located right on the screen and are incredibly easy to use
  • If you are bad at parking and  you end up crashing your car then your phone will vibrate
  • Some of the levels include multi-screen challenges for you to park in.  These can be very difficult and make take a few tries to master
  • To center you car all you need to do is double tap on the screen


Parking is not as east as it looks.  Unless you are ok with causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to other cars and landscape items.  This is actually a fun precision app that will require you to judge distance, speed, and angle in order for you to accomplish all of the challenges that are presented to you.  You will probably end up spending hours and hours trying to figure out some of the multi-screen challenges.  The graphics aren’t amazing but for $0.99 it is not a bad way to spend a few extra minutes of you time.

Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and only costs around $0.99 to download.