January 6, 2016

FreeleticsFreeletics is an amazing body weight exercise program that you may use right on your Android device. The Google Play Store features this app today for anyone who wishes to download it for free, but there is a paid version for people who are more serious about their workouts. This article briefly explains how Freeletics will help you get into shape properly.

Workout Variety

The best thing about Freeletics is the variety of workouts that are offered to every user. Freeletics allows you to choose the sort of workouts you wish to do, and the app will begin to create a routine that you can do in your home. Some of the workouts are based on using furniture, and you may tell the app what sort of furniture you have available. You tell the app what sort of workout you want, and one of over 900 different workout programs is loaded for you immediately.


The workouts are categorized by intensity, and you may choose the intensity you are comfortable with. There are many free users on the site who are choosing a different intensity every day, and you may slowly progress from the simplest workouts to rigorous workouts that will allow you to lose the weight you want. You are in control, but Freeletics takes you through the program on your phone.

The Community

The community you are connected to in the app gives you the support you need to complete each workout you have chosen. There are forum categories for every one of your concerns, and you must ensure that you turn to the community when you are struggling. The community of free athletes will help you get your questions answered, concerns allayed and problems. You are not working out on your own when you are using Freeletics.

Play Against Yourself

You are logging your personal bests into the app when you are working out, and the ghost features in the app allow you to compete against your personal bests during every workout. Many trainers say that your worst enemy is yourself, but you may become your biggest competition when you are using Freeletics on your phone. The ghost feature will allow you to complete several workouts against yourself, but you may turn the ghost feature off at any time.


There is a section of the app dedicated only to running, and you will go through a strict running workout that includes long-distance running, sprints and short-distance running. The app will push you as if you were on the track with a personal trainer, and you will get out of the house when you do not want to work with body weight that day.

Freeletics is a free application you may use at any time, but you are welcome to pay for the full version of the app if you enjoy it. You will do as many body weight exercises as you can, run and improve your overall fitness levels every day.