FitStar Personal Trainer for iOS

   July 27, 2015

FitStar Personal Trainer AppLosing weight is not easy. People struggle consistently because they cannot break plateaus for shedding pounds. If only a little help was available maybe a plateau could be overcome. The FitStar Personal Trainer is available for download and, once the app is present on a mobile device, staying on top of weight loss goals is a possibility.

With FitStar Personal Trainer, workouts can be programmed right onto an iPhone. All a motivated individual has to do is pull up the programmed workouts on the phone and follow along with them. Of course, working out is the only way weight is going to be shed. No app is going to automatically lead someone to shedding weight. That said, access to an easy to use app is going to make the whole process a lot simpler. When working out by yourself, it becomes very difficult to stay on top of the program necessary to see results.

How does the app work?

A series of abdominal and arm exercises could be programmed into the app. A list of the various exercises would then be present on the screen of the phone. Each exercise comes with its own time duration. After one 45 second exercise is completed, move onto the next one. After that 60 second exercise is done, then start work on the next 45 second one. The workout goes on for 20 minutes. The next day (or the day after since rest and recovery time is important, too) another workout can commence. The next workout could focus on different body parts and fitness goals.

One of the greatest benefits to this particular app is it provides a roadmap for people to follow. Someone who is struggling to lose weight and get in shape likely has to suffer through the performance of haphazard, jumbled, illogical workout plans. With the FitStar Trainer, this problem is basically eliminated. The app makes it real easy to devise a solid program and then follow along with it.

The mere fact the app exists opens the possibilities for getting better workouts in. Programming the workouts takes little time and, with the right follow-through attitude, getting the most out of the program is not tough.

And “getting the most out of the program” is defined as changing a physique for the better.