Fish Tycoon iPhone app Review

   April 12, 2010


Whoever thought breeding fish could be a profitable venture?  With the Fish Tycoon iPhone app it now can be!  This is fun fish simulation game that allows you to take care of fish and try to make some money while doing it.  You will start the game with around three hundred bucks and a few fish eggs that you got from a fabled island named Isola.  Legend has it that there are seven Magic Fish that can be found in Isola.  It is up to you to break the genetic code and breed the fish  until you can find these seven magical creatures.  As you create new fish you will be able to sell them and collect cash to further your operations.  You can also buy a bunch of different items to decorate your tank and help you care for your fish better.   You will need to find a mix of maintaining your fish as well as breeding in order to profit from your ventures.


  • This is a new twist on the Tycoon games that have been rolling around for a few years, you will have your own virtual pets
  • You have your own large aquarium that you can let your fish live in and make sure they get taken care of
  • This simulation game is meant to let you take care of these virtual fish in their very demanding environment
  • There are 7 magic fish that can be created if you breed them right.  You will have to solve this puzzle of genetics in order to unlock these creatures and find the best breeds
  • In this game you will have to try and maximize profits while still taking care of your aquarium and its inhabitants.  Learn to master a mix of both of them!
  • This game has a lot of breeding to be done.  There are over 400 different species of little fish that you can end up breeding
  • One of the fun things about this app is that there is real-time game play so that you get something new every time that you open on the screen to check it out
  • As far as your aquarium goes, you have a lot of customizing options.  You can buy different ornaments to put in there and you can place them however you would like
  • Another fun feature is the ability to set your screen saver as your aquarium so you can show them off on your phone whenever it is in screen-saver mode


Kind of a fun twist on the Tycoon franchise and lets you make money while trying to breed the best combination of fish.  This game is original enough that it will keep you interested for quite a while.

Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and only costs $0.99 to download.