Dapp iPhone App Review

   June 7, 2010


If you have ever thought about getting into designing apps for the iphone platform, there is an app that can greatly help you achieve your goals and try them out.  The app is called Dapp for the iphone and it allows you to export designs into native iPhone SDK objective c source code.  You can also design iphone app mockups using a wide variety of iphone sdk objects.  You can then publish your designs to multiple page PDF wirefram documents to help you further your research and app making goals.

Many people ask if you can just use DAPP for mockups, and the answer is yes.  You can quickly put together as many mockups as you like and then through the press of  button, dapp will export your mockups to a multiple page pdf file so you can show other developers or the people you work with.  Dapp acts as a bridge between the two features of mocking up a design and coding.


  • prototype made easy, quickly develop code based prototypes with Dapp’s export to code feature
  • publish to pdf, share and email your pdf wireframes to clients and colleagues
  • iphone sdks objects, work directly with a host of apple sdk objects
  • clone objects, save time by cloning ovjects, pages or designs with the clone function
  • user friendly ui controls, work visually with your design as you stretch drag, lock , add, remove, hide and reorder iphone objects on the go
  • customized colors, choose from a range of iphone sdk and apple colors or customize your own with the color picker
  • font support, choose from a large range of apple iphone fonts
  • font size, resize text by specifying a font size
  • snap objects, dapp will automatically snap dragged objects to the edge or center of the screen
  • custom images, create custom buttons and images from your iphone library or iphone camera
  • object attributes, every object can be edited using a large range of iphone sdk properties/attributed
  • layers use standard iphone ui controls to re-arrange the display order of any object in your designs
  • opacity, opacity settings for all the objects, allow you to create layered designs.

As you can see, this app is very inclusive for a developers need to create the iphone app you have been trying to get to come together.  Do yourself a favor and make creating an app much easier with this app.


This app costs $9.99 and has been given a 4 out of 5 star rating.

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