Cartel Wars iPhone App Review

   September 19, 2010
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If you loved the original cartel wars game for the iphone, you will love the sequel that has just come out.  This games brings to life the city experience, with full cartel and crew battles to conquer hoods and blocks for supremacy and cash.  This game is a massive multiplayer online game that takes the concept and feel behind the modern crime action games and brings it to the platform in an exciting multiplayer game. The game looks great and will keep you interested and playing for hours on end.  if you love games that have a fun multiplayer feel to them and that really get you going when it comes to strategy, this game is for you.

Cartel Wars has been around for a little while and many people worry about there not being enough players on line to play.  Well since the game has been a round for a peiod of time, there are always people that you can play with in a pick up game, or for hours right from your iphone so that you can always have the game right there to play anytime.


  • Some of the main features of the game are the in game economny
  • ability to acquire wealth through the creation of commodities
  • ability to concuer and hold hoods/ blocks
  • perform actions to increase your status and weatth
  • interact with other players through a private chat and live chat systems and in-game forums
  • join crews with friends and allies
  • form real cartels with other crews that benefit everybody
  • target and fight your enemies directly
  • use the player marketplace to barter your way to the top
  • buy and equip a variety of items to enable actions and enhance your characters ability
  • fight your way to the top indiviually or using your crew and cartel power on the streets
  • recognition for being on top by being listed in the top users
  • accolades for special achievements

As you can see, this game is different from all of the mafia clones that are out there on the market.  The game has a concentrated effort on making an accurate portrayal of real life underworlds and brings it to your iphone with a fun filled type of game that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


This app is Free and has been given a 3 out of 5 star rating by other users who have used this app.