Buzz Voice 3 iPhone App review

   July 16, 2010


All of us have heard of pandora.  Pandora is an app which lets you listen to your own customized radio station on your iphone or on your computer.  Well for those news junkies that love news, what if you could have a pandora of sorts that played you the top news of the day so you could just listen to it?  Well this does exist and it is called BuzzVoice 3 for the iphone.  This app lets you listen to news on the go which makes life much easier for you. Instead of turning on the radio and getting all of the small stories that take forever to listen to as they are constantly interrupted by ads and such, you can get a great news source with the BuzzVoice 3 app.

Like pandora, you can pick your favorite topics so that you don’t have to hear news stories that you don’t care about.  With this great app you will be better able to get the news you want and get it faster while at the same time having it read to you.  This is great for people that have to drive and who cannot read, or for the people that want to be educated while they run or exercise.  Whatever the reason may be, this app will give you the news you want whenever you want.


  • playlist manager personalize it with 20 of your favorite sources right in the app.
  • hands free continous listening stream 9 continuous buzzradio stations
  • custom streaming player lets you listen to breaking stories, while viewing text, images and video
  • saved searches so you can go back and listen or read the story you heard about earlier in the day for later discussion or recollection
  • Trending topics so you can hear what is trending on the web’s top sources
  • batch select build custom playlists of all the stories you care about on the fly

If you are a causal news reader or a hard core news fan, this app is a great way to get the news you want in a fast and easy way.  Nothing can compare to the easiness that awaits you with this app as you will be able to get the news you want when you want it and have the great ability to listen to it as opposed to reading it.


This app costs $4.99 and has been given a 4 out of 5 rating from other iphone users who have used it.