December 16, 2015

BreakneckBreakneck is a chase/racing game featured in the Apple App Store for all iPhone and iPad users. This game crosses the traditional racing game with the thrill of the chase and an alien invasion. You could not imagine a more inventive plot, but you must get into the game to understand where they developers are coming from. This article explains how you will play Breakneck, what is so special about the game and how it feels to play on your mobile device.

The Plot

You are flying instead of driving when you are playing this game, and you are sitting in your own spaceship that is used to chase aliens who have invaded your home planet. The game sets you up in an infinite chase with the aliens in front of you, and you must be skilled enough to catch up to the aliens in your inferior spaceship. There are power-ups that you may find along the way, or Apple allows you to purchase power-ups as you play.

The course in every level is set up with many shortcuts and obstacles that you must get around. Someone who is truly skilled at playing Breakneck will know the exact route to take in each level, and you may uncover special routes that make it that much easier to catch up to the aliens. Repeated play is encouraged so that you can catch as many of the aliens as possible.

The Graphics

Breakneck is one of the most visually-brilliant games in the Apple App Store. You will fly in the clouds when you get in your own ship, but the clouds are pillowy and beautiful. You are literally flying in a wonderland of the developer’s creation that is so beautiful to look at you may get distracted as you chase the aliens. You must remain focused on the aliens in front of you even as you look at the gorgeous clouds and the cool spaceship you are flying in.

The Infinite Chase

Breakneck is an interesting game that allows you to chase your enemies for as long as possible until your ship is destroyed. The game will slowly speed up as you fly, and you must be prepared to avoid obstacles will destroy your ship. Catching the aliens is one thing, but staying alive is just as important to your gameplay. Only the best players can catch the aliens and stay alive at the same time, and you need a great deal of skill to live.

Breakneck is an innovative game for your iPhone or iPad that allows you to fly for as long as possible while you chase alien invaders. You may record your game while you are playing, and you may share that video with your friends when you want them to see how well you have done. Breakneck is going to launch you at breakneck speeds around a world that has been taken over by aliens, and you are the only person who can force them off your home planet.