BADLAND from Frogmind – Beautiful Sidescroll Game for Android

   March 16, 2016



BadlandBADLAND from Frogmind is a side-scroll game, developed for Android systems. The game is set in a mythical, idyllic forest. But of course, all is not well; there is a great danger threatening this place, and it is up to the player, as one of the denizens of the forest, to stop it, by flying through and overcoming a myriad of obstacles to survive and finish the quest.

The graphics and backgrounds are rendered beautifully. The backgrounds scroll seemingly endlessly and are designed thoughtfully and in full, vibrant color. Each level offers new scenery – and challenges. The graphics engine uses an innovative physics system, and the traps and puzzles are rendered seamlessly above the background scenery, offering an immersive experience. The audio is also dynamic, with fully realized sound effects rather than just an irritating, computerized background song blaring in your ears. The full visual and audio experience is extremely engaging.

The features of BADLAND are also impressive. In addition to the excellent single player mode, taking you through the main campaign, there are also multiplayer options. In multiplayer, up to four players can duke it out in a winner take all scenario, fighting to be the last player standing by using the environment to your advantage. In the cooperative mode, also for up to four players, you can take on the game itself, using group strategies to defeat the system of tricks and tracks thrown against you.

What really stands out about BADLAND is the replay-ability value. New levels are added often, and it also includes a level editor feature, allowing players to design their own levels, either of their own design or modifications on the existing core sets. Thus, players can create and share their own levels with the community, or try to take on levels deviously designed by their friends, creating a vibrant and ever-changing landscape for the game.

BADLAND is a new take on the old side-scroll format, and one that updates that format into the modern (and mobile) age. Based on an innovative engine and with loving attention to detail, this is not your father’s side-scroll game. Rife with replay-ability and personalization, as well as being a platform for the gaming community to create and play together, BADLAND is a great addition to your mobile gaming collection.