Asana Team Tasks and Conversations for iOS

   July 16, 2015

Asana Team Tasks and Conversations is an app available on Itunes that helps teams work together. With this app, teams can track their work and get results. This free app enables teams to effortlessly complete work. It is easy to keep reminders of what needs to be done and get updates on the status of work. This app offers an effective way for the entire team to communicate. Teams can figure out solutions easier with this powerful, yet simple app. Asana, built for teams, represents a better way to manage teamwork.


It is essential that teams stay connected to meet goals. Asana removes barriers to communication. The app helps teams stay in touch and get a response from anywhere in the world. Use Asana to make announcements to your team, comment on a task, or ask a question about a project. Notifications are available to help individual members of the team track projects, tasks, and team conversations. It is easy to assign tasks to co-workers or send a teammate a reply straight from your Inbox with Asana.


Images can be shared among group members, as well as directly from other apps with Asana. This makes it easy for teams to communicate visually.

Stay Organized

Teams can create tasks and requests directly from the app. It is easy to add and edit tasks with Asana. Assign a due date, person, and detail for each task. Add files to tasks. Comment on tasks from anywhere. Set to-do lists and reminders.

Manage Important Projects

Project management is easy with Asana. Collaborate with all team members to stay on top of important projects. Your team will know what they have to do, when it needs to be done, and who will do it with Asana. Examine and organize your task list every time you use Asana. Check out your list of teams and projects. Organize tasks into projects. Quickly complete tasks and notify your entire team when your work is finished. Track your team’s work from the beginning to the end.

Powerful Solutions for Free

Asana is absolutely free for teams of up to 15 people. Groups and individuals can add tasks, projects, comments, conversations, and attachments using Asana’s completely free platform.

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