Angry Birds Transformers – Shooting and Running Game App Kids Will Enjoy

   September 28, 2015

Angry_Birds_TransformersAngry Birds Transformers by Rovio Entertainment Limited must have been created with the younger set of players in mind. This Angry Birds game edition practically deviates from the usual bird flinging action, as the bird characters don Transformer-costumes that come complete with weapons and vehicle transformations. Still, parents downloading this app for their kids should have awareness that the game mostly entails exchange of firepower, between antagonists.

Red and Chuck are the main characters, being Optimus Prime and BumbleBee, respectively. They are on a mission to rescue their fellow Autobirds held captive in Piggy Island. The game app opens a completely new adventure of joining forces with the DeceptiHogs, against the Eggbots.

Free to download at Apple’s iTune App Store, Angry Birds Transformers game app is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPods running on iOS versions 7.0 and up.

Angry Birds Transformers Game Play

Once downloaded and installed, the game starts right away with Red Optimus Prime arriving on Piggy Island. Red immediately dashes through a boarded path, whilst blasting away Bad Piggies perched on fragile structures. The game play makes use of the same background scene, with some modifications here and there, and additional opponents that pose as challenges — making the game level more difficult than the earlier stages.

If Red experiences defeat, it would be necessary for the Angry Bird hero to upgrade his Transformer get up. The first of the many upgrades that Red would receive is the capability to transform into a fast moving vehicle. That way he could avoid the debris of collapsing structures, or in some game levels, outrun the Eggbots.

Some Angry Birds Transformers players might not find the game as challenging as the earlier Angry Birds game format, it is likely that kids will enjoy this simple running and shooting game. What more could they ask for? Angry Birds video game characters and Transformer action figures combine in a simple and easy to play shoot’em game.

Would kids bother themselves about the storyline? Probably not, as it is enough for them to get past through each game level, earn Piggy points, collect coins and get the upgrades they need in order to succeed. The fun part is in unlocking other Angry Birds characters, and eventually forming a formidable Angry Birds Transformers squad

Angry Birds Transformers App Features

Perhaps knowing that kids have such short attention span and have tendencies to be impatient, Rovio made the game levels brief and repetitive.

When playing with the Angry Birds Transformer game app for the first time, the app walks the newbie player through, using arrows to indicate the objects or part of a structure to tap on as effective shooting targets. There are also easy to comprehend guides on what to do next in order to get upgrades, or what to use next in order to revitalize the health of the Angry Birds.

The app presents a slider menu of the characters to use as members of a Transformer squad, with Red and Chuck as the Rescuers, and the DeceptiHogs as Instruments of Destruction. Each group of character has its own specialization, such as Leaders, Pure Warriors, Seekers, and Valkyries, which is just to mention a few. Completing a squad, furnishes the squad mates with Gold Coin rewards collectible when accessing the map.

Angry Birds Transformer players have to collect and amass coins to use in upgrading their squad characters in order to make them stronger, and to get farther into the game. Nonetheless, the app offers in-app gem purchases, as their source of quick and abundant supply of virtual money to use in the game