2k Sports NHL 2k11 iPhone App Review

   October 16, 2010


Experience NHL® action on the iPhone like never before with 2K Sports NHL® 2K11. Created with the critically acclaimed NHL 2K console game engine, NHL 2K11 on iPhone delivers simulation hockey in all its glory including realistic A.I., incredibly fast hockey action and the depth of gameplay that you’d expect from a 2K Sports product. Additionally, NHL 2K11 features multiple modes of play including Season Mode, Quick Game, Free Skate and even a Shootout Mode. With true NHL action and superior gameplay, portable for the first time in NHL 2K history, NHL 2K11 for iPhone is sure to win the hearts of puckheads everywhere!

This game has it all as you can play with all of the great NHL teams that are out there so that you can be your favorite team and try to take them all the way to the Stanley Cup finals.  If you love hockey, then you need to get one of the best hockey apps ever made for the iphone as 2K sports has made a name for themselves.  They pay special attention to detail, player look, player movement, and style, not to mention amazing graphics that make you feel like you are right there on the ice.  If you love hockey you have got to get this game and play it to your hearts content.


  • If you love features that give you a lot of play time and also allow you to have a true hockey experience, you have found it with 2k11 nhl by 2k sports
  • This game has realistic animations, as well as realistic player movement and decisions.  Playing against the AI will feel like you are playing against a person as the AI makes smart decisions and is efficient with moving the puck down the ice
  • If you love hockey, this is a game to get as you will be playing it over and over as there are several different gaming modes to choose from as well as different things you can do with your team.
  • Try to take your favorite team all the way by playing your heart out to allow your team the chance it needs to make it to the championship game!
This game offers simple controls and a clean interface to allow people to play this game with ease.  Get with the program and get this game!
This game costs $.99 cents and has been given a 4 out of 5 star rating.