Cookbook Recipes App Review

   July 31, 2016

Cookbook is a free and amazing app for those who are passionate about cooking and want to share their passion for cooking with others. Cookbook is more than just a platform to share your recipes and try new ones. Cookbook helps you have a superb cooking experience.

Check out these Cookbook features!

Cookbook allows you to save your recipes and develop meal plans for an entire week.
Cookbook provides users with monthly new, seasonal, and festival specific special recipes. Cookbook offers recipes for dishes across the world including Chinese, Indian, European, Thai, American, Italian, Spanish, Mexican and Cuban cuisine. Cookbook also caters towards those with dietary restrictions including paleo and gluten free users.

Users can also narrow down the recipe search by meal and specifically search for desserts, salads, or appetizers. Users can also search for recipes by ingredient by simply plugging in the ingredient. For example, users can search eggplant and then narrow the search down to a specific meal with eggplant. Users can then further narrow the search by searching eggplant desserts and pull up recipes to experiment with. The Cookbook app offers specific crock pot recipes, deep fryer recipes, and smoothie recipes.

Each Cookbook recipes includes estimated preparation time and nutritional information. Users can create “shopping lists” with the ingredients needed for the recipe they select. Users can also create their own recipes and share with other users.

The searchability makes using Cookbook to cook easy and fun. Cookbook is literally a cook book like you have never seen before. The app offers recipes from the world’s finest chefs and locales and places them at your fingertips and in your kitchen.

Cookbook offers unique and delicious recipes from highly skilled chefs, foodies, and family recipes from users that have been passed down from generation to generation. Each recipe offers a unique and essential cooking experience for growing as a culinary expert.

Cookbook is available on iPhones, Tablets, Androids, Smart Watches, and Android TV. Cookbook Premium gives you an even larger access to additional healthy recipes, specific weight loss diets, diabetic friendly diets, and heart friendly diets. Cookbook also includes specialty alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Get in the kitchen and get cooking!

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