App Review

   April 15, 2016

Download is an impressive game that will keep you coming back for more. The game has been built with many fascinating features and visuals that are stunning. The game has some of the most fantastic graphics and multiplayer features giving you some of the best gaming experience ever. By playing against other opponents, you will be able to build one of the biggest snake by defeating your opponents. In the course of the game, you should ensure that the head of your snake does not touch another snake lest your snake explodes. By exploding your snake, you will have ended the game. To win, you need to make your opponent’s snake to run into you then they will explode. After your opponent’s snake has exploded, your snake will be able to feed on their remains. has the best gaming experience since it gives both starters and pros equal chances. Every player has a fighting chance. Even for nimble navigators, you can be able to navigate in front of a bigger snake and defeat them despite of its size. Play well and grow your snake to the biggest size ever and let the whole world see you setting a record.

The most interesting feature in this game is that you will be able to compete with a real player online. It gives you the best feeling to realize you are playing against a real person and not an automatic computer. It also has a leaderboard that displays the daily scores challenging you to play for the top position. You will be always motivated to play even harder to achieve the top spot on the leaderboard. Now imagine taking the top spot and getting to share it on social sites such as Facebook and twitter, couldn’t that be the best feeling ever?

You can also edit the appearance of your snake by using the skin editor that is provided. You will be able to change the color or theme of the game. Other players will be able to see your fantastic new look. You will be awarded a reward of extra skins when you share your scores on social media. You will never get enough of this game, and you will be coming back for more. It has the perfect visuals for an arcade game, and the controls are working pretty well. The game is also easy to understand for any beginner, and they have been designed for fun. You will be able to control the game easily using your phone’s keys. Go ahead and give slither.Io a try and get an amazing experience.

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