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Top Apps is the #1 Review site for apps available to users of iOS and Android devices.  Our readers can discover the newest apps and read our reviews before committing to a download.  Some of the apps reviewed are free apps, but we also review pay-apps.  Each app reviewed contains a link to the actually download site on either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Our Review Ethics

We do not accept money for reviews or to review an app.  If you do have an app that you are interested in having us review, please know that there are several requests in queue and we will always attempt to get each reviewed as quickly as possible.  A favourable review is never guaranteed, but a fair review is something that we also strive to produce.  If our previous review of your app has been available for more than two months and you have made changes to improve your app, please let us know and we will notate any improvements in the original review.

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